Collaborative Approach to Research

It has always been challenging to develop and execute research programs that lead to safe and effective new treatments for patients. Increasingly, it requires a broad range of expertise, clinical experience, and global reach to be successful. PTx thrives on this challenge,  collaborating with recognized leaders in all areas of research and drug development.

We establish partnerships from a global network of leading academics, clinicians, researchers, and patient advocates who provide the perspective and input needed to lead successful drug development programs. We believe that by working together, we strengthen our ability to identify research approaches with the greatest benefit for patients.

Targeting emergent challenges in global health

Due to our extensive experience in development and ability to collaborate with international leaders in medical research and patient care, PTx is uniquely positioned to respond to emerging global health challenges with speed and efficiency.

Most recently, we are channeling these capabilities into a robust response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more about our ongoing focus on COVID-19.

PTx continues to be committed to building our expertise and applying our depth of experience to tackle unmet global health needs in the years ahead.

Our focus on Cancer

Cancer is a dynamic, complex disease that demands a multi-disciplinary approach to research and treatment.   PTx emphasizes an integrated scientific methodology that brings together the full range of medical experts required to understand the system of cancer, bring forth new research strategies and innovations, and deliver safer and more effective therapies. In turn, this has provided PTx with a template for collaboration that informs and strengthens research in other areas, including  infectious disease.